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Welcome to Baka Tattoo! An anime focused tattoo shop in the heart of Montreal. We are a team of local artists with a diverse backgrounds, and we all share a passion for anime, mangas, and tattoos. Our shop is a safe space for everyone that wants to get inked. We offer our clients quality, safety, an amazing experience, and dedicated on helping you reach your dream tattoo goals! Being part of the anime community allows us to bring your vision to life like no one else. Why Baka Tattoo, you might ask? “Baka” is Japanese for foolish, crazy, or silly. Come visit us at Baka Tattoo and you'll feel right at home with our warm welcomes, and silly goose attitude!

About us
about us

How to book?

If the artist’s bookings are open, you can contact us, or the artist themselves, through email or Instagram. We will guide you through the booking process from there.

Can I get tattooed?

There are a few requirements to be able to get tattooed: You need to be over 18 years old Make sure you do not have any medical condition that would make your tattoo and healing process harder than necessary (hemophilia, epilepsy, diabetes) If you are under medication, make sure you have the all clear from your doctor to get a tattoo. You can't get tattooed if you are pregnant or nursing.

How long is the wait?

Depending on the artist, there might be a waiting period before you can book with them.

Aftercare questions?

For any aftercare questions refer to the aftercare section of the website HERE

How to prepare for the tattoo?

In the week prior to your tattoo, make sure to moisturize twice a day the area that will be tattooed. Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before your appointment. On the day of your appointment, make sure you eat a hearty breakfast and drink plenty of water. What to bring to your appointment: A pillow, snacks, water.

Why is a deposit needed?

The deposit is required to secure your appointment, as bookings are hard to get, and a lot of work is put into each individual piece, the deposit insures that you will come for your appointment, and the hours spent drawing your tattoo will not go to waste.

When do you get the design of the tattoo?

Your artist will send you your design approximately 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Usually the day before, but it might be earlier, depending on the artist.

What are your rates?

Each artist has a different rate. Depending on the design, the size, and amount of detail of your project, the price will vary. Your artist will give you an estimate during your consultation, or before the tattoo.

Do you accept walk ins?

Yes. If our artist do not have an appointment, they will accept walk ins.